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What is ISO?

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ISO 18001
OHSAS 18001

Due to several reasons:

To align more closely with other ISO management system standards

ISO 45001 adopts a risk-based approach to occupational health and safety management. This shift from a prescriptive approach in ISO 18001 allows organizations to better identify, assess, and address specific risks related to their unique contexts. 

Increased Emphasis on Leadership and Worker Involvement, reflecting a more inclusive and collaborative approach compared to ISO 18001.

While both standards emphasize continual improvement, ISO 45001 further enhances this aspect by requiring organizations to consider the needs and expectations of interested parties. 
The development of ISO 45001 involved input from a broader range of stakeholders, including governments, industry, and labor representatives, and therefore more universally accepted and relevant to diverse organizational contexts.

​​​What is ISO 45001?

Occupational Health and Safety Management

                   Our OHSAS Consulting client... a large                    boiler manufacturer could see the advantages of managing their safety program through a more standardized approach (OHSAS 18001).  They estimated that accident and incident prevention realized them a potential savings of $1.7 million 

why did ISO 45001 replace ISO 18001?

OHSAS 18001 originally set out the minimum requirements for occupational health and safety management best practice. Standardizing health and safety can achieve the maximum return for your operations, your employees, the general public, the community and your customers. 

Occupational health and safety management helps reduce workplace accidents and illness, cutting out related costs and downtime, as well as prioritizing the welfare of company personnel and other stake holders.

It paved the way for the best possible working conditions for any organization and provides guidelines on how to identify hazards and put in place the correct controls to manage them. Leading to better, safer working conditions and ultimately to superior performance.

OHSAS 18001 not only motivates staff, it also engages customers and suppliers looking for businesses that take occupational health and safety management seriously. 

What is ISO 45001?

ISO 45001 is an international standard that focuses on occupational health and safety management systems (OH&S). It provides a framework for organizations to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve their OH&S performance. The standard aims to reduce workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities by promoting a proactive approach to identifying and managing occupational health and safety risks.
Key components of ISO 45001 include hazard identification, risk assessment, legal compliance, and the establishment of objectives and processes to achieve continual improvement. By adopting ISO 45001, organizations demonstrate their commitment to creating a safe and healthy work environment for employees, contractors, and visitors.

Some of the resulting benefits of OHSAS are:

Reaping the rewards of proactive safety


  • Reduce work related injuries, ill health and death
  • Eliminate or minimize OH&S risks
  • Improve OH&S performance and effectiveness
  • Demonstrate corporate responsibility
  • Meet supply chain requirements
  • Protect brand reputation
  • Motivate and engage staff through consultation and participation​
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