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ISO Certification

ISO Certification Planning Guide  

  • What ISO Standard(s) are we pursuing? 
  • What will be our scope of ISO certification (do we have multiple locations)? 
  • If we have multiple locations will the ISO program be centrally controlled? 
  • What time frame do we need to get ISO certified within? 
  • Who will be the ISO management representative? Not required but a single point of coordination is always a good idea
  • Who are the team of people internally that will drive the ISO process? 
  • What will be the role of this ISO team? 
  • What is our objective in pursuing ISO? 
  • Are we looking to only document the minimum or define and document all of our processes ?
  • Who will be responsible for defining our ISO processes? 
  • What format will our ISO documented information take to be most effective in our organization? 
  • How do we want to manage and control this ISO documented information? 
  • How involved in the ISO process will our management team be? 
  • Does management want to dovetail the ISO program with other initiatives? 
  • Are there strategic, financial and other goals that need to fit with management system?

MOCG can help you understand and apply management, quality assurance and environmental management system requirements while ensuring that your ISO program proceeds smoothly. Our ISO consultants will create a custom Management System that is structured around your business, not the ISO standard. We provide a guaranteed, comprehensive, fixed-rate consulting and training program.

To understand the program stages that need to be complete prior to ISO certification, please refer to our ISO Consulting Roadmap


Road to ISO 9001 Certification

​​​Questions an organization should be asking when planning an ISO initiative.

It is important that everyone has a common understanding of the approach to be taken and what is a priority. 

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